About Us





Jonathan Sierck

Jonathan is a process-oriented seeker and doer with a vision.

He is an expert in the field of accelerated learning techniques and the founder of 361 Extended Reality GmbH and the Inspired World GmbH, has published several books, and created seminar concepts in the field of learning and personal development. Apart from his interest and exchange with worldwide leading experts in the area of emerging technologies, he is working on his PhD about Artificial Intelligence.

When no books are around, he enjoys different sports or travels around the world, but his favorite hobby is swimming in Munich’s well-known “Eisbach” during winter time.


Vanessa Hensel

Vanessa is a strategic facilitator with a vision.

Vanessa is a successful serial entrepreneur focussed on Online Business and Corporate Consulting. Prior to her entrepreneurial career, she worked as an Investment Manager at the Allianz Group.

When Vanessa is not working on Excel-tables, she plays tennis or enjoys the beauty of the Alps.


Jonas Geissler

Jonas is a Time and Learning specialist - he creates timeframes for Exchanges, Learning and Transformation.

He is an expert for change management, learning concepts and for strategic time management. His daily business: Giving keynotes, workshops and seminars, writing books and articles or creating virtual learning rooms.

When he’s not checking his watch, he enjoys time with his family or rides the waves of the atlantic oceans - or both.


Anne Koark

Anne is our allrounder: Her expertise ranges from HR Management, Finance & Controlling , Management Consulting, Intercultural & Sales Trainings, Project Management, Marketing, Sales, PR to Business Networking. She is an entrepreneur, bestselling author and has won several prizes, such as the Lady Business Award. Anne’s incredible drive and contagious joy, make her an amazing team mate.

When she tries to keep her mind off work, she enjoys the company of her children and sometimes a nice glass of red wine.


Thomas Foj

Thomas is a natural-born strategist, marketing-expert and salesman. His eye is focussed on potential, which he trained as a long time scout for the DFB - German Soccer Federation. As a senior sales manager in several companies, his presence and professionalism are one of a kind - when he enters the room, you’ll immediately know he’s there.

Once the flight-mode is on, his time and energy revolve around friends, family and sports - in particular the Bundesliga.


Daniel Sierck

Daniel might be our youngest Team Member, but his thirst to learn and his eagerness for new challenges make him our linchpin. He is structured and goal-oriented - he makes things happen and still keeps his focus on the big picture.

After his graduation in Cape Town, he worked in several start-ups for 2 years, until he joined us in Munich. If he’s not working on his beloved laptop, sitting in a café or playing on his iPhone, he enjoys a sport session, a weekend trip or invests in his personal development.

Concept Design

Kathrin Mann

Kathrin is a strategic thinker and concept specialist with a background in change and communication. She transforms ideas into customer-oriented and hands-on concepts. The whole story in mind, she is able to sharpen ideas to a point and to reduce complexity to achieve user-friendliness. As a workshop and change facilitator, she experiences various collaboration and learning environments.

Living in Munich and Barcelona, Kathrin loves being on the road. She enjoys weekends with her friends and exploring new things and places.